Many Sensors, Simplified Workflows and One Purpose-Built Solution

As part of the Trimble 4D Control v6.2 release, Trimble has introduced the Trimble 4D Control Geotechnical edition, a monitoring solution that incorporates all the hardware and software necessary to monitor assets with ease, speed and confidence.

The new edition is designed to streamline the installation and deployment of automated monitoring workflow for geotechnical-only setups where no geodetic sensors such as total stations and GNSS is required.


The Trimble 4D Geotechnical comes complete with sensor agnostic file import capabilities, sensor alarming and gateway-based sensor connections as well as all the data management and analysis tools critical to asset monitoring activities.

Along with expanded support of a variety of industry sensors, the Trimble 4D Geotechnical edition is optimized to support streaming data from two additional sensors: a wireless laser-tiltmeter and a wireless triaxial tiltmeter.

Wireless Tiltmeter


The laser-tiltmeter wireless sensor is a 2-in-1 laser distance sensor and tiltmeter. While the laser measures the relative distance between pairs of reference points the tiltmeter provides measurements of changes from the vertical level (vertical reference angle). This sensor is ideal for monitoring inclinations, movements and differential settlements of slopes and infrastructure.

For more information, see the Wireless Tiltmeter datasheet.

The wireless triaxial tiltmeter measures the variation of the static angular inclination of the structure with respect to the horizontal plane to visualize the static deflection of a structure.

As well, all of the powerful capabilities of Trimble 4D Control such as charting, analysis, alarming and project management are available for use within this geotechnical-focused solution. The Geotechnical edition can be easily installed through the Trimble 4D Control installer which also allows an easy upgrade to the Trimble 4D Control Advanced software edition if needed in case of increasing project demands.


Whether assessing slope stability and risk of landslides or the movement of infrastructure, Trimble 4D Geotechnical solution is built to manage, analyze and store data and alerts from geotechnical sensors, delivering the data you need to make timely decisions.

Leave behind geotechnical monitoring solutions that are overly complex and scale your next automated monitoring project with Trimble 4D Control Geotechnical edition. Find out more here.

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