Automated Deformation Monitoring Projects for Waterways
Round-the-clock Observation of a Damaged Weir in the Netherlands Restores Safety with Confidence
Metro Tunnel
A tailor-made monitoring solution is set up remotely
Whilst You Were Sleeping
As construction work gets underway above ground, a tailormade, automated monitoring programme protects the live Metro tunnel below thanks to a system designed specifically to overcome a unique set of…
When a potential hazard is detected, timing is critical. Automated monitoring helps save lives because it continuously and quickly delivers the data needed to support a safe working environment.
The Right Time for Moving to Automated Monitoring
Automated monitoring offers around-the-clock data to enable decisions that protect people, product and environment. It also creates operational efficiencies across multiple disciplines of a working…
Deformation Monitoring
Monitoring a mining operation is typically viewed as a critical safety-of-life system.
Monitoring Provides More Than Movement Detection
Deformation monitoring is a critical component of safe mining operations. Constant, robust evaluation of potential movement data is paramount in making decisions regarding the safety of people,…
A single Trimble monitoring system is all that’s required for a challenging site thanks to intelligent planning and a full understanding of the project’s challenges.
Monitoring the Albert Hall
As the Albert Hall approaches its 150th birthday in 2021, the building is being prepared to tackle the next 150 years with a good clean-up and the installation of a two-storey, double height basement…
Achievable Monitoring
A move into monitoring can be achieved on almost any budget thanks to a new era of software that allows for the collection, display and analysis of data without the need for a real-time monitoring system.
Achievable Monitoring
Demand for monitoring is on the rise. Ageing infrastructure, construction projects, particularly those in built-up areas, and natural events require improved awareness of movement if sites and…