New Bridge for Historic Site
The accuracy of the Trimble SX10 lends itself to a challenging cliff top survey in Tintagel as a new bridge linking the headland and the ruins of the 13th century castle nears completion.
New Bridge for Historic Site
Rugged, beautiful and steeped in Arthurian legend, Tintagel is set high on the North Cornwall coast where the jagged headland reaches out into the Atlantic. A spectacular setting, it is also one of…
A massive infrastructure project uses geospatial technologies to streamline essential construction processes
Delivering the Three Rs of Monitoring
Crossrail is a 118-km long railway serving the greater London area. This new line includes 42 km of new tunnels beneath central London. A critical part of constructing the tunnels is understanding…
The real-time transmission of data from each monitoring location within the landslide observation area was critical to the success of the project.
Predicting landslide behavior through continuous monitoring
Comprehensive landslide monitoring systems using GNSS receivers and geotechnical sensors to continuously monitor landslide movement in real-time to predict landslide behavior and establish values…
Brisbane Skytower
When one of Australia’s landmark projects, the record-breaking Brisbane Skytower, needed a real-time monitoring solution they turned to UPG and Trimble Monitoring to help.
UPG keeps an eye on Brisbane’s tallest
Because of its proximity to Brisbane International Airport, the Skytower’s construction crane could only operate with strict conditions, including continual monitoring of the crane’s height.
Low profile monitoring prism
Keeping a close eye on a vital and extensive infrastructure complex in Australia around the clock and in virtually all weather conditions has become a reality.
When the Going Gets Tough
The system didn’t miss a beat when a cyclone hit the region, even continuing to stream data while crews cleaned up the site post-cyclone.
A Perfect Storm
How a ‘perfect storm’ of challenges led to a sophisticated yet cost-effective monitoring solution designed with safety, quality and reliability in mind.
Tackling a ‘perfect storm’ of monitoring challenges
Understanding how much a tunnel moves, particularly an older asset where less is known about how it will react to construction work, presented an immediate set of challenges.