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The Trimble S7 Total Station combines scanning, imaging and surveying into one powerful solution. Now you only need one instrument on the job site to perform all your data capture. Create 3D models, high accuracy visual site documentation, point clouds, and more using the Trimble S7, Trimble Access™ field software and Trimble Business Center office software.

Manage Your Assets 24/7

Know where your total stations are 24 hours a day with Trimble Locate2Protect technology. See where your equipment is at any given time and get alerts if your instrument leaves a jobsite or experiences unexpected equipment shock or abuse.

Trimble InSphere™ Equipment Manager system lets you view usage and keep up-to date on firmware, software and maintenance requirements. With Trimble Locate2Protect and InSphere Equipment Manager, you can rest assured knowing your equipment is up-to-date and where it should be.

  • The S5 Ti-M Total Station is a scalable and cost effective solution for a variety of monitoring applications.  It’s performance is ideal for construction projects of any size, from short-term jobs to multi-year construction operations that require monitoring for site safety including:
  • Trimble FineLock technology delivers a point precision of less than 1 millimeter at a distance of 300 meters
  • Trimble DR Plus EDM technology ensures accurate data with fewer instruments, a cost saving on large and small project sites
  • The Trimble S5 Ti-M detects targets without interference from surrounding prisms, ensuring target lock over long distances
  • The Trimble 4D control Software makes it easy to set real time notifications when structural or environmental movements occur, resulting in timely safety decisions
  • Settop M1 Monitoring Controller
  • Trimble Tablet Rugged PC
  • Trimble TSC3 Controller
  • Trimble CU Controller
  • Trimble 4D Control Software
  • Trimble Access Field Software
  • Trimble Business Center office software
  • Trimble InSphere
  • Trimble GNSS Receivers
  • Trimble V10 Imaging Rover

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