Monitoring highways and features are important to mitigating potential risks on the roadway, such as unexpected landslides or embankment failures, and can result in structural damage, natural loss or worse.

A variety of sensors installed on highway construction projects assess a variety of factors including movement and environmental factors that all play a part in understanding infrastructure health. In addition to collecting sensor data, providing all stakeholders such as engineers and non-technical audiences access to to data and analysis provides greater transparency awareness of critical movement.

  • Robust monitoring of highway surface movement during and after construction
  • Automated alarming when significant movement is detected
  • Analysis and charting from combined GNSS, optical, and geotechnical sensors
  • Real-time sensor health status and data management

Monitoring forms an essential component of the construction of NATM (sequential excavation) tunnels, one of the most popular forms of tunneling construction.

Potential deformations of the excavation and movement of the infrastructure above the tunneling operation must be carefully monitored through the installation of geodetic, GNSS, geotechnical and seismic sensors.

Managing the risk of infrastructure movement caused by the tunneling operations in dense city environments is a major challenge for tunneling contractors, one that is directly addressed by the installation of a structural monitoring system.

  • Automated, real-time monitoring system
  • Structural deformation monitoring
  • Periodic deformation surveys
  • Stability assessment above tunneling activity
  • Long and short term analysis of structural behavior

Monitoring installations are crucial for the safe operation of bridges.

It is important to detect movements, vibrations, structural changes and responses of bridges to the environmental conditions in order to identify potential failure modes.

Monitoring provides the information needed to support a safe transportation environment by continuously verifying the ability of bridges to perform their intended function, whilst subject to operational aging and degradation.

  • Automated, real-time monitoring system
  • Periodic deformation surveys
  • Vibration response monitoring
  • Condition assessment monitoring


Track stability and health are critical factors to monitoring throughout the life time of a railway to ensure the safety of the public and cargo. Even slight deviations in the track can cause derailment.

Along with protecting the public and structural integrity, continuous movement of rail carts ensures that goods are delivered in time across the region. Automated monitoring systems can remote detect movement and warn rail operators of potential hazardous situations so they can act fast.

  • Automated, real-time monitoring system
  • Alarm notifications of track movement
  • Stability assessment of track before and after loading
  • Long and short term analysis of structural behavior
Measuring the Christchurch Northern Motorway Displacement
Remote monitoring of a tunnel under restoration and construction activity

“Trimble 4D Control gives us one platform to gather and view all the data we are measuring,” said Michael Cheng, senior project scientist at IESE Ltd. “It streamlines management and allows us to share the information in a meaningful way that’s accessible and understood by engineers and non-technical audiences across the project. Trimble 4D Control software is the backbone for these complex monitoring efforts, giving geographically dispersed teams the data they need from any sensor to understand the speed, direction and magnitude of any movement in real-time.”

Michael Cheng, senior project scientist at IESE Ltd. (International Earth Sciences and Engineering)

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“[The monitoring system] ...was easy to install and the Trimble S5 Ti-Ms are very good instruments.”

Andrew Plumb, Head of Monitoring and Senior Technology and Innovation Manager at Amey Consulting

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