Trimble 4D Lite

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Entry-level, cloud-based application for campaign based monitoring reporting


A cloud-based application designed for surveyors, engineers and scientists to perform campaign monitoring of data/time series without the need to integrate directly with onsite hardware and sensors.

  • Periodic monitoring of any data time series
  • User defined sensors and data
  • Advanced visualization and analysis tool


Many monitoring projects do not require continuous measurements. With Trimble 4D Lite, surveyors, engineers, and scientists can visit projects periodically, collect data to analyze and display without the need for a complex real-time monitoring system. Trimble 4D Lite is a cloud-based web application designed with a robust web interface and back-end stability that will enable you to obtain and analyse the data for your project.

Now available as a free service for campaign monitoring, sign up here


Many structures benefit from periodic monitoring including buildings, bridges, dams and mines.  After trialing the free subscription of Trimble 4D Lite, and decide your application requires real-time monitoring you can check out Trimble 4D Control software here.

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