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Software for configuring your monitoring projects


Trimble Access continues to be the leading software that professional surveyors use around the world. Trimble® Access™ Monitoring software provides a streamlined workflow for repeat total station measurements common for deformation monitoring and precise control workflows.



Surveyors looking for a fast entry to deformation monitoring can take advantage of the Monitoring application for the Trimble® Access™ software suite. The Monitoring application guides surveyors through a step-by-step process that speeds up setup, data collection, reporting, and return visits to the same monitoring projects. Trimble Access Monitoring is designed to streamline data collection and reporting for periodic monitoring projects including: 

  • Monitoring structures (existing or during construction) and construction activities
  • Monitoring land deformation or movement for landslides and natural hazards
  • Control and network surveys

S9 Trimble Access


  • Streamlined data capture for repetitive total station measurements and image capture using prisms and DR mode
  • Real-time movement alarms and notifications while in the field
  • Create alignment-based reports for monitoring linear objects such as tunnels, rail, road, bridges, and walls.
  • View information on the measurement session while still in the field and then output reports that compare known coordinates with measurements over time.
  • Import into Trimble office software such as Trimble Business Centre or Trimble 4D Control for further processing and reporting.

Alignment based reports

Supported Instruments

Find the right data collector for your monitoring needs here: Pick the right Data Collector for your monitoring needs. 

The Trimble Access 2020 Monitoring software on Windows controllers supports all the instruments supported by Trimble Access including: 

  • Trimble SX10 scanning total stations
  • Trimble S Series total stations

tunnel monitoring

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